CT stands for computer tomography , the name is self explanatory about the function that CT performs. The use of CT is to generate a virtual image of the body part under examination. The is done by integrating X-ray images taken at different angles of the part of inerest.Medical imaging is the major application of ct. It is used in diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The cross sectional or homographic images produced helps to see the inside of the body part without cutting it.

CT produces data of the part that can be manipulated to obtain different views by blocking the X-Ray beam used to slice them. Early images were produced only in transverse and axial planes but with advancement in technology images can be produced in any plane, even volumetric images ie 3-D images can be obtained. The common application of CT in medical field but along with this CT plays important role in other sectors too. CT plays an important role in non destructive testing of machines and in archeology it is used or imaging contents of sarcophagi. Radiologists or radiographers are the terms coined to describe people who conduct ct.

CT is far reliable compared to 2-D imaging system. What makes ct more reliable is that it eliminates the superimposition of images outside the area of interest, its high contrast resolution helps to differentiate tissues that vary in density even by 1%.Multiplanar reformatted imaging is another striking feature of CT ,this allows to view a single from a CT procedure in multiple planes depending on the required diagnostic task.


  • They produce high quality images in real time and allows physicians to make accurate diagnosis sometimes eliminating the need for exploratory surgery and biopsies.
  • Improves cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Reducing length of hospitalization.
  • Guiding treatment of common conditions such as injury cardiac diseases and stroke.
  • Improving patient placement in to appropriate areas of care such as ICU

  • The radiation they emit may be painful particularly to women and foetus and thus not recommended for pregnant women.
  • These radiations can also make our body prone to certain cancers affecting lung and breast.