An On-line quiz competition of Biomedical Association

Medmaze is an on-line quiz competition conducted by biomedical association to develop a deep knowledge in the fields of biomedical instrumentation, basic electronics, digital electronics and programming.

The quiz will be conducted for the students in second and third years of the biomedical department of MEC. It will be conducted on weekly basis. There are 20 questions to be answered in the quiz with a time limit of 15 minutes. There will be separate quizzes for second years and third years.

Before answering the quiz questions, you need to register in a site called Testyou.into access it.

  • Quiz link for third years-opened upto 27/09/2016

  • Quiz link for second years-opened


    A newsletter published by Biomedical Association

    This altruistic venture led to ECHO, a short, concise and simple platform which is a collection of information, interaction and innovative thinking in the world of Electronics and Biomedical Engineering- where technology transforms to healthcare.

    ‘Echo’ in the world of biomedical engineering represents data; which when processed and analysed thoroughly ,gives you solutions , ideas and knowledge. The newsletter will be published on monthly basis.

    After all “Echo knows all the languages!”


    A Technical Project competition of Biomedical Association

    Contents updated soon...


    A workshop series conducted by Biomedical Association

  • PROTEUS Workshop on 24/09/2016 from 9.00am to 1.00pm at Seminar Hall.